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Verruca Treatments

Verrucae are caused by a virus in the skin. As they can be painful, unsightly and are highly contagious you may wish to get rid of them as soon as possible. Some people will find they go of their own accord after a few years but most people are not willing to wait! Well, we can help you to be verruca free with a full range of treatments.

Traditional treatments available include cryotherapy (freezing) and a variety of acids but we also have Swift microwave therapy which has an excellent success rate. This treatment is particularly useful when there are many verrucae to be treated as it stimulates your immune system, enabling your body to recognise and attack the verruca virus. It also has the benefit of leaving a lasting immunity to that strain of the virus.

Our practitioners are in clinic at the following times

Monday 10am - 7pm David Gruhl
Tuesday 10am - 7pm Rachael Garrick / David Gruhl
Wednesday 8am - 5pm Louise Cullingham / David Gruhl
Thursday 8am - 5pm Rachael Garrick / David Gruhl
Friday 8am - 5pm Rachael Garrick / Louis Cullingham
Saturday 8am - 4 pm Rachael Garrick / David Gruhl
Sunday We are closed on Sundays


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