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Following your assessment we may advise the use of in insert in your shoes to help re-align your foot. This is called an orthotic. A cast will be taken of your foot to ensure an accurate fitting and the best possible outcome.

We offer you free insurance against manufacturing fault or fracture of your devices. Once you have tried a pair of custom made orthotics, you won’t want to be without them for long!

Under sixteens are offered a free second pair of orthotics when they have outgrown the first (terms and conditions apply – please ask for details)


Our practitioners are in clinic at the following times

Monday 10am - 7pm David Gruhl
Tuesday 10am - 7pm Rachael Garrick / David Gruhl
Wednesday 8am - 5pm Louise Cullingham / David Gruhl
Thursday 8am - 5pm Rachael Garrick / David Gruhl
Friday 8am - 5pm Rachael Garrick / Louis Cullingham
Saturday 8am - 4 pm Rachael Garrick / David Gruhl
Sunday We are closed on Sundays


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With the recent developments regarding Coronavirus we understand there may be some anxiety around visiting places away from home.

See what precautions we are taking.

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