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We appreciate the frustration at having to pay for a full podiatry appointment when you only need a quick trim! We offer lower cost nail cutting appointments and a complete package of care for any problem toe nails. Your first appointment will be with a Podiatrist in order to assess your needs and this must be repeated at least annually.

You might like to think of this care package as something like visiting a dental hygienist, but for your feet!

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Our practitioners are in clinic at the following times

Monday 10am - 7pm David Gruhl
Tuesday 10am - 7pm Rachael Garrick / David Gruhl
Wednesday 8am - 5pm Louise Cullingham / David Gruhl
Thursday 8am - 5pm Rachael Garrick / David Gruhl
Friday 8am - 5pm Rachael Garrick / Louis Cullingham
Saturday 8am - 4 pm Rachael Garrick / David Gruhl
Sunday We are closed on Sundays


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Phone 01306 742900


With the recent developments regarding Coronavirus we understand there may be some anxiety around visiting places away from home.

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