The Dorking Footcare Centre - Meet the team


by | Mar 13, 2020

With the recent developments regarding Coronavirus we understand there may be some anxiety around visiting places away from home. We hope this will provide reassurance to those who need it.

Working in a medical setting, infection control is a major part of our everyday lives and excellence is the standard but at this time it’s a good idea to have it written down and shared with interested parties.

We are;

✅ hand-washing with soap and water after every contact
✅ using alcohol gel
✅ using disposable gloves
✅ using disposable aprons
✅ wiping all hard surfaces with alcohol wipes in between clients, including the treatment couch and companion chair
✅ using a fresh set of sterilised instruments per client
✅ clinic is professionally, thoroughly cleaned at the end of each day.

In reception we are taking some extra precautions

✅ Wiping the desk, seats and door-handles regularly and the card machine keypad after every use
✅ Receptionists are hand washing with soap and water after any client contact
✅ hand washing with soap and water every time they handle cash
✅ Alcohol rub is available in reception and we would encourage you to use it on arrival and as you leave the clinic.

At the moment our Podiatrists are more than happy to wear face masks for the duration of appointments including home visits if you would prefer.

Currently, as per the advice from Public Health England it is business as usual for us, so we look forward to welcoming you soon.